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Favorite Xena related sites

Ausxip - The best Xena, Lucy Lawless, and Renee O'Connor news site on the net!

Mike's Images - The best Xena screencap site on the net

Xena Online Community - A very active Xena and Hercules forum

Whoosh - The best place on the net for all your Xena needs! Episode guides, articles, everything!

Bloody Chakram - Great for Xena mulitmedia. Full length, downloadable Hercules and Xena episodes from all the seasons, plus soundtrack music (only Xena so far) and music videos. A must check out site!

Lunacy's Reviews - Great place to find fanfiction. She has everything from classic, classic alt,to uber alt.  Be sure to check it out if you like Xena fanfiction.

LOLXena - Funny Xena pics that inspired the LOLXena page on this site. Inspired by LOLCats.

Other sites

Digg - One of the best bookmarking sites on the web.

YouTube - The most popular video site on the net.

StumbleUpon - Bookmarking for when your bored. - One of the best radio sites on the net. - The most popular fanfiction archive on the net. My username there is Cheza Yumi Usagi.

FictionPress - Archive for original fiction. My username there is AndroBard1364.

LOLCats - Funny captioned cat and animal pictures.

NaNoWriMo - If you love to write, you will enjoy this. On this site, you can sign up to take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words in the month of November! Enjoy the insanity of this with the other writers on the site on the forum that is hosted on the server, or just use the site to upload your daily word count as you write away.