3/9/08 - Added new Xena wall.

3/7/08 - Added Chp 3 of Shadowed Jewels of Corinth, plus a few more LOLXena's and my tribute to the late, great, Kevin Smith. Also added a link to my PhotoBucket account.

2/27/08 - Added more links to the link page and a meebo widget. Added first two chapters of my original fic, Shadowed Jewels of Corinth, and some my Post-FIN fanfiction, Chakram And Scroll . I also added more images and a link to my YouTube channel.

About me  and my site

Welcome to my site. Here you will find the various fanfiction (mostly Xena) and original works that I have created. I will also have any music videos (also most likely related to Xena), Photoshop images (again...Xena) that I have made over the years. You may know me from the Xena Online Community board (if so, tell me your username there, I'll say hi back!) or from LiveJournal, Fanfiction/FictionPress, or YouTube. Check back here often, I'm going to try and get new stuff uploaded every week.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to use my stuff, credit me, AndroBard, and link back to this site, or for the music videos, you can link to the YouTube URL, or, preferably, my channel.

-AndroBard (Avatar made by the lovely Sais08, my wolfie, at the Xena Online Community)

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